Who are the S.P.I.R.I.T. kids?

We investigate and solve paranormal mysteries!

Matt Romero

Matt is skeptical about everything! He generally thinks paranormal investigations are pretty stupid — but he keeps coming. Matt’s great at pushing us to get answers and helps us get out of trouble when we find it.

Maya Gupta

Maya can actually see and talk to ghosts! At least that’s what she claims (I’m still trying to prove it!). She’s also an awesome artist. We’ll hopefully share her comic strips on our website soon!

Agnes Smit

Agnes loves to read! History is one of her favorite subjects. Without her we would never know anything about the places we investigate. She’s really great at piecing together all of our clues!

And then there’s me —

Hans Smit!

I believe science can explain everything. I want to prove ghosts are real using science. My parents are afraid I’m going to blow myself up with one of my gadgets, but they don’t realize that one day my gadgets will prove ghosts exist!